Mission Team 2018 Costa Rica

Mission Team 2018 Costa Rica


Since 2008 Lutheran High School has developed its World Mission program to provide opportunities for our students to engage in acts of service around the world, embracing people of different cultures and needs.   We provide critical support to ministries that are established in the area that we serve, and will continue the work of the Gospel long after we leave.  We have established significant relationships with Camp Penuel in Costa Rica and Camp Lutherhaven in Idaho.

 This year we will be returning to Camp Penuel in Costa Rica to serve in their Outreach and English Camp programs.  Their outreach camp serves at-risk youth from inner-city and rural areas.   Camp Penuel provides a free summer camp, full of great food, security, and the Gospel.  The English camp is a cultural exchange program for students in the area to practice their English skills with native speakers (US!), while in a Christian Camp setting saturated with the Gospel.

Embracing people in a difficult setting demands that we give ourselves to our neighbor. To do so, while at Camp Penuel we will…

  • LEARN about the different challenges we will work with;

  • HONOR the institutions and systems integral to Camp Penuel and Costa Rica;

  • FOSTER friendships with peers that we serve alongside at Camp Penuel

  • EXPLORE the unique features of Costa Rica’s ecosystem and geography;

  • Actively SERVE as representatives of our faith and tradition.

 We are excited about the work God has placed before us. In order for this work to be successful, we are committed to finding partners who will support our team. Our team has two support goals:

  1. Enlist faithful “Thessalonians” (see 1 Thess. 5:16-19) who will continually commend to God through prayer the work of Camp Lutherhaven, and our short-term mission team.

  2. Raise a team of faithful “Philippians” (see Phil. 4:14-20) to help us meet the financial obligation necessary for each person on our team to participate in the mission. The per person cost of this mission is $1400.

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In Matthew 10, Jesus sends out His disciples in twos to preach the Gospel in a “short-term” experience. It is our prayer and desire that we follow God’s model in helping people experience the wonders of Jesus through short term missions.  We know that God will also work in our lives to strengthen our faith as He did in that of the disciples. We thank you for your consideration in supporting our trip!

To learn more about the mission team and see video and pictures from past mission trips, CLICK HERE.


Ms. Loughmiller teaching about the American economic system on Wall Street

Frances and Jasmine hanging out with the Champs in Idaho