The major objectives of the religion department at LHS are 1) to present the Good News found in God’s Word, 2) to
ensure all students learn major Biblical events and people, 3) to ensure religion is part of a student’s daily life, 4) to
make religion class both cognitive and learning effective, 5) to create an atmosphere for open discussion and
sharing, and 6) to present the teachings of the Confession of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, of which LHS is
a member.

Religion I

The class is divided into two parts. The first focuses in on developing a basic understanding of what it means to be
Lutheran and attend a Lutheran school. The second part focuses on the Old Testament, the world in which it exists,
its structure, major events, and God’s covenant relationship with His people.

Religion II

Students will gain an in-depth look at the New Testament world including the inter-testament period events leading
up to Jesus’ birth, the teachings of the Gospels, which includes the life of Christ. Following the gospels students will
learn about the foundation of the church (the book of Acts) and the teachings of the epistles. Special emphasis will
be placed on applying the Biblical truths to the student’s life.

Religion III

Students will explore the various doctrines of the church, with an emphasis in the theology of the Lutheran church,
the study of apologetics, and the real life application of scripture to the personal lives of students.

Religion IV

Students will delve deeper into the Christian faith and explore its connections to the world around them. Major
questions include: How does their faith compare with the faith of other religions past and present? Where did
Christianity come from and how did we get to where we are today? What is the Christian response to problems in
the world? and What is the ultimate fate of all Christians?