Listed below are the general graduation requirements.  These reflect both State of Louisiana and Lutheran High School policies.  An administrator or counselor must be consulted regarding specific courses for fulfilling these requirements.






English English I*, English II*, English III*, English IV, AP English Literature, Creative Writing, Speech 4 4
Mathematics Pre-Algebra, Algebra I*, Geometry*, Algebra II*, Advanced Mathematics, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, AP Calculus, Financial Math 4 4
Science Physical Science, Biology I, Biology II, Earth Science, Chemistry*, AP Chemistry, Physics 4 3
Social Studies World Geography, World History, American History, Civics, Free Enterprise, Psychology 4 3
Fine Arts Fine Arts Survey, Art I, Art II, Art III, Art IV, Band, Choir 1
Religion Religion I, Religion II, Religion III, Religion IV 4 4
Business Computer Literacy
Foreign Language Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish III 2
Physical Education Health/PE I, Health/PE II, PE III, PE IV 2 2
Non-Credit Courses Learning Assistance, Study Hall
Electives 3 8
Total 28 28


*Honors classes available.

 All AP courses are also honors courses.  Due to class enrollments, student needs, and student requests, some classes may not be offered in a given year.  Lutheran High reserves the right to add additional courses.

 All students seeking approval to graduate in three years must declare in writing their intention to do so prior to midterms of the first quarter of their junior year.

 Lutheran High School allows students to be enrolled in college level courses at local colleges and universities schedule permitting and provided college acceptance.  Dual enrollment grades become a part of the high school transcript.  Lutheran High also allows students to attend NOCCA (New Orleans Center for Creative Arts).

 Students in the State Scholarship program must meet the same requirements as public school students in the state in regards to passing EOC (End of Course) Tests.