Mission Statement

Lutheran High School exists byGod’s grace, as an extension of Lutheran congregations to provide a quality body, mind, and spirit education to its students, enabling them to go to college, to be exemplary citizens and to be equipped to “make disciples” for Christ throughout their lives.

What Does LHS Mean?

Christ perfectly loved, honored and served God.  At Lutheran High School, we are imitators of Christ.  We believe LHS means to:

     LOVE: Because Christ first loved us, Gryphons love and follow Him and His teachings

     HONOR: Because Christ perfectly honored the Father, Gryphons Honor God in all we do and say.

     SERVE: Because Christ served perfectly, even to his sacrifice on the cross, Gryphons serve Christ, our families, and or community.

The Symbolism of the Gryphon

The Gryphon (pronounced grif-fin) is an ancient symbol. It combines the lion, which is the master of the earth, with the eagle, which is master of the sky. From the time of Dante onward, the Gryphon has come to represent that dual nature (divine and human) of Jesus Christ precisely because of its mastery of both earth and sky.

The Gryphon is portrayed with the body of a lion and the wings, head, and claws of an eagle. It was frequently seen in ancient Persian art, as well as in tapestries and heraldic works from later periods. In heraldry, the Gryphon represents a person or family which possesses both intelligence and strength.