World Geography

World Geography is a course intended to expose students to basic geographical skills such as maps and longitude
and latitude as well as introduce them to the chultural geography of our world. This is achieved through focusing on
each region of the globe separately using the five themes of geography: location, place, human/environment
interaction, movement, and region.

World History

A general survey course which will "gallap through the ages." Designed to give students and exposure to world
history, from ancient through medieval to modern history. The class will emphasize Western cultural and political
history. The students will be able to identify major individuals, events, and movements within the framework of
history and show their importance on the present world through the discussion of current events.

American History

A concise survey of cultural and political history, from the exploration and colonization of America to the role of the
United States today. The major events and individuals that helped shape the American experience will be
emphasized. Current publications will be utilized throughout the course to give the student a perspective of the
most recent effects of their studies.

Civics (1/2 credit)

An introductory course covering the basic areas of the American governmental system and the responsibilities of
citizens. The role and function of local, state and federal governments will be explored. The three branches of the
federal government will be compared. Discussion will include current events and challenges to the American

Free Enterprise (1/2 credit)

A basic introductory course designed to acqaint the student with the complexity of the American economic system.
After a brief history of the development of the system, the various roles of individuals, labor, business, and
government will be explored. The American economic system will be compared to the other major systems in
existence in the world, primarily socialism, communism and dictatorships.

Psychology (1/2 credit)

An introductory course in the study of psychology. There is an emphasis on personal application and growth by
studying the different culminating theories of the psychological world. Major topics include psychological,
cognitive, personality, and behaviorial psychology.